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Graphic Design Illustrator T-shirt

The Earth Day T-Shirt

I went in knowing what I wanted, a graphic of the earth as if viewed from space with a heart in the middle.  Happy Earth Day! In honor of Earth Day, I decided to make a t-shirt inspired by the earth. This shirt didn’t require much prior sketching. I went in knowing what I wanted, […]

Graphic Design Illustrator T-shirt

The Easter T-Shirt

  To give it balance I added a chick to the right of the egg.   Happy Easter weekend! Due to Covid 19 this Easter is going to be quite different for many of us. I will be celebrating it with only my immediate family. Yet, I was still excited to create an Easter shirt.  […]

Cat Graphic Design Illustrator T-shirt

The Cat T-shirt

I think this design will be popular during the winter/fall season especially Halloween. I have finally made a Cat inspired T-shirt! This one actually took a while and was supposed to be the second or third entry to this blog. However, satisfaction with the cat silhouettes I drew was shortcoming. It took many iterations but […]

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The Wine T-shirt

I ended up changing my plan and focused on the elements of the design I actually liked, in this case the wine glasses.   This wine T-shirt design was actually intended to be a cat shirt design. My plan was to have a cat in a wine glass but I was not happy with the cat […]

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The Meme T-shirt

The phrase My Corona, going down the shirt, was inspired by The Knack song, My Sharona. This was the song I had in my mind while designing the shirt. One of the most profitable T-shirt designs are related to memes, trends and current events. A majority of the time, these categories intersect because of social […]

Graphic Design Illustrator Political T-shirt T-shirt

The Political T-shirt

By studying both Che and Trump’s “merch,” I realized that what made these items powerful were the men and the ideas they represented. Political statements can be expressed through clothing often having a shock value. A prime example of a divisive piece of clothing is the Trump MAGA hat. It is simple yet, is arresting […]

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