The Easter T-Shirt

Happy Easter T-Shirt

The Easter T-Shirt

Happy Easter T-Shirt
Happy Easter T-Shirt


To give it balance I added a chick to the right of the egg.


Happy Easter weekend!

Due to Covid 19 this Easter is going to be quite different for many of us. I will be celebrating it with only my immediate family. Yet, I was still excited to create an Easter shirt. 

I really wanted an egg and a bunny on the T-shirt. To give it balance I added a chick to the right of the egg. I wanted to experiment with text as well so added Happy Easter around the design. 

Easter T-Shirt sketch
Easter T-Shirt sketch.


I searched online for images of bunnies, chicks and eggs. Once I found shapes or outlines I liked, I began an initial sketch with pencil and paper. 


Once again I used Illustrator for this T-shirt design. This is my favorite program to use because I know how to use the tools. I also lean towards Illustrator because my T-shirt template is an Illustrator file.


I began by drawing a sketch and then imported it to Illustrator. Once in Illustrator I used the image trace tool. Other tools I used include the pen tool, smooth tool and ellipse tool.

Saving The File

I saved this image as a png like the rest. I like the resolution and file format for the web.


What T-Shirts do you think sell? Any T-shirt design tips?

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